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Beachvolley in Rotterdam-West

Beachvolley in Rotterdam-West

HOU STAND has a Beachvolley department and we have 5 beachvolleyball courts directly next to Sporthal West where we can play beach volley on real beach sand. The courts are safely surrounded by a fence and also lighted so we can enjoy playing beach volley during spring and summer evenings. (of course within the opening hours of Sporthal West.)



Date: 20/8/2022
Starting time: 15:15-18:00
All the players needs to be there before 15:00.
After the tournament we gonna have BBQ.
Special diet wishes are possible.

Winner Prize: Mikasa Vls300

For the tournament
Price: 5 € per person
For the BBQ
Hou Stand members: 11,5 € per person
No members: 21,5 € per person
BBQ is optional
For the people that interested about the BBQ they need to ask for it before 15/8.

For the registration:


The regular season of Hou Stand beach has been started per May 2nd! The beach season takes place between May 2rd and September 2nd. Below we will tell you all about when you can play, the clinics, and how to register.

Open beachvolley

  • This year you can play free beachvolley on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and on Tuesday when there are no clinics (May 3, May 10 and from August 16)
  • On these days you can play from 19:00 to 21:30 / 21:45
  • On Thursdays from 2 June through 7 July, this is possible from 19:30 onwards due the youth trainings
  • The costs for playing open beachvolley this year are €85

Open beaching means that you regularly play with and against other people who are also there that evening. For example, it is not the intention to make fixed duos during an evening.

Note: Also this year it is mandatory to register for each evening you want to play. You will receive an email from us after your registration with an explanation of how this registration system works.We will probably continue to maintain the same system as last year with in principle the possibility to play a maximum of 2x a week. We will let you know further details after registration.

There is the possibility to join open beaching 1x for free.

Clinics (FULL)

The clinics are full and it is not possible anymore to subscribe for the clinics.

Apart from open beaching there is also a possibility to join the clinics.

  • The clinics will take place every Tuesday evening between May 17 and August 2 (with August 9 as a reserve day)
  • There are two clinic timeslots, from 19:00 to 20:30 and from 20:30 to 22:00
  • The clinics will be given by experienced beach volleyball trainers. Probably the same trainers as last year.
  • The prices for the clinics and the clinics in combination with the open beaching are:

Clinics only                               €115
Clinics & open beachvolley   €165


Registering for Hou Stand Beach 2022

You can register for the beachseason through this link:

Hou Stand Beach aanmeldformulier | Hou Stand Beach registration form

We will send you a confirmation email later with an explanation of the registration system.


You are requested to transfer the amount of money applicable for you package you have choosen June 15th the latest to

  • VolleybalVereniging Hou STand
  • NL60 INGB 0006 6765 17

naming your name and the package you have choosen.

Hope to see you on the sand soon!


Kind regards,

Beachcrew Hou Stand

HOU STAND Beach policy plan

Hou Stand Beach policy plan

View the Hou Stand Beach policy plan

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