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Volleyball Club Hou Stand Rotterdam-West

Volleyball for regional competition, leisure, youth and beachvolley.


  • Try to come to the Sports center by bike, car or on foot as much as possible;
  • Change your outfit and shower at home. Changing rooms and showers are unavailable;
  • Do not come to the Sports center earlier than 30 minutes before the beginning of your match/10 minutes before the training and wait until the supervisor tells you to enter;
  • Waiting is only allowed outside;
  • Use your toilet at home as much as possible;
  • Wash your hands often before and after the match;
  • Follow the walking routes and instructions in the sports hall and canteen if you have any questions ask the personnel;
  • Keep the 1.5 meter distance during the warming up and after the match if you are older than 12 years old;
  • Do not shake hands and do not touch others;
  • After the match/training, please leave the Sports center within 10 mins and go home directly.
  • Keep it quiet: shouting and loud support is not allowed;
  • For each game 2 teams including substitutes, max 1 coach, 1 referee and 1 hall watch are allowed in the Sports center
  • Spectators are not allowed. Matches and trainings will be played without spectators/parents present;
  • HouStand advises everyone to wear a face mask from the moment of entering the Sports center till the start of the warming-up. The same holds for after the game. However, face masks are not mandatory.
  • If you have any complaints related to COVID-19 stay home and get tested.

Welcome to HOU STAND

HOU STAND is a fun volleyball club in Rotterdam-West, next to the Sparta stadium and close to Schiedam. We have members from, among others, Rotterdam-West, Delfshaven, Middelland, Overschie, Schiebroek, Hillegersberg, Rotterdam-Noord and Schiedam. We have women’s and men’s teams that participate in the NeVoBo region volleyball competition and we also have recreational teams, youth teams and beach volleyball players.

Regional competition

HOU STAND participates with men’s and women’s teams in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of the regional Nevobo competition. We train and play in Sporthal West in Rotterdam West.


With regard to recreational members, the emphasis is mainly on joy and fun. Some of the recreationals do participate in a recreational competition, about once every 2 weeks.


HOU STAND has youth teams from 6 to 17 years old. The youngest players participate in the CMV tournaments. Youth from the age of 10 take part in the competitions.


The Beach Volley department trains and plays on the courts next to Sporthal West or, of course, we are at one of the many beach tournaments in the weekends. 

Locations and Route

HOU STAND trains and plays in Sporthal West in Rotterdam-West (Delfshaven district), next to the Sparta stadium and close to Schiedam. Sporthal West and Swimming Pool West together form Sportcentrum West.

Sporthal West

Address: Spaanseweg 2, 3028 HW, Rotterdam, Tel: 010-2620955

Directions by public transport: bus 38 (Rotterdam Crooswijk <-> Rotterdam Central Station <-> Schiedam Station), Bus stop: Spaanseweg, the bus stops 200 m from the sports hall.

Directions by car: A20, exit 12 Rotterdam West, direction Spangen / Delfshaven (S114), after approx. 1 km turn left at the traffic lights (S115), follow the road (Spaanseweg), after 700 m the sports hall is on the right. Many parking options available. (Directions via Google)

Sporthal Melanchthon

Address: Laanslootseweg 1, 3028 HW, Rotterdam

Directions: The same directions as above; the sports hall is diagonally opposite Sporthal West, entrance is at the back of the Melanchthon Mathenesse school. (Directions via Google)

History of HOU STAND

HOU STAND was founded on March 17, 1952 in Rotterdam-Spangen and is therefore one of the oldest Rotterdam volleyball clubs. On the photo on the far left are the founders, Cornelis and Nel den Boogert. Members from the early days were mainly neighbors from Spangen and friends, family and acquaintances of camping Kruininger Gors.

Volleyball Club HOU STAND

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