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Physiotherapy & Super Collaboration at Hou Stand

Physiotherapy at HOU STAND

Physiotherapist Bernard Heijting, together with Hou Stand and Sportbedrijf Rotterdam, organizes a free consultation hour on call.

Bernard is a (sports) physiotherapist but also a volleyball player himself. You can reach him via WhatsApp for questions and advice and make an appointment for consultation hours. You can continue any necessary treatments in his De Boei Physiotherapy practice (4 minutes by bike).


Practical information during consultation hours:

Sports Center West, first aid room Phone

WhatsApp: 06-42663955



Bernard Heijting

Super Collaboration

Since September 2020, Hou Stand has been working together with four other Rotterdam volleyball associations to strengthen these five clubs and that ensures that three beautiful things are organized in which you or your team can also participate.


The five clubs that work together are Beach Club Rotterdam, Hou Stand, Fusion Rotterdam, RVC/Lebanon ’50 and Volley Zuid. This collaboration strengthens the associations and volleyball in our city. There are five themes on which actions are taken:

  • Reinforcement board and staff
  • Increasing the social role in the city
  • More intensive cooperation between associations
  • Organizing sports program
  • Impulse for beach volleyball


More detailed information can be found in this presentation. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact William Klaver at

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